Ok, here is how it works….Please Read Carefully….

This is a free service for All Bands and Artists from all walks of life…

1. I will play as much music as you want me too with the understanding that we promise each other nothing, NO money will ever exchange hands for playing your music nor will I pay any royalties this is all free.

2. I reserve the right to include/exclude any music I desire not to be fit for this station and make no promises. BUT will try my best to play as much as I can.
3. all music submitted should be original and (owned by the person uploading it)any music not uploaded by the original musician may be arrested for piracy unless, they can provide proof of secured permissions from the parties who hold all copy rights.

SO Please make sure the music is yours….

4. If there are more than 1 song please zip or rar the file.

Enjoy it tell your friends…

By Continuing to upload you agree to the terms & conditions… Thanks, Enjoy

Simply press add files, put your email in, and description, then press transfer... Thats it... your all set, I will have your music in the rotation usually within a few days...

Listen to us in your car in your phone at anytime... Download the Apps Here and listen in your car, whenever you want


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You can download your Android .apk App Here (direct from our website) 


You can send files up to 2 gigs