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The Mayan Factor - A Comeback??

Progressive Rock Group?

The Mayan Factor is a progressive rock group located in Baltimore, Md. They are an independent band, but don't be fooled. The Mayan Factor blend incredibly melodic acoustic guitars with spacy electric guitar techniques, atmospheric percussion (kongas and drums), bass that you can feel thumping in your chest and vocals reminiscent of many bands.  -

...Thanks. Chuck, Ray, Kevin, Brian


The Mayan Factor have a very ethnic sound, using atmospheric percussion  (congas and drums), acoustic guitars, and various keyboard samples and tribal bass. They are extremely melodic, with a very intense and heavy feel. The Mayan Factor could equally be called prog rock as they could be lumped into the space rock category. They have released two full-length albums, In Lake ‘ch (2003) and 44 (2005). 


Genre Rock, Alternative, Grunge


Baltimore, Maryland


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