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Paul Lewis - Bag of Rain

Paul Lewis & YNOT?

Paul Lewis enjoyed the kind of musical start most artists would have sold their souls for. In the 90s, the Eastern shore of Maryland saw the beginnings of the artist about to fuse with the proverbial lightning strike. Paul and his band, YNOT?! did what no other band had done before and none have done since. Sellout after sellout.

Newest Release - Bag of Rain

Lewis states, “There is no filler on this recording. Not a lot of artists are making records any more it’s more about singles. I’d like to think of this as an experience to be listened to from beginning to end.” “Bag of Rain” is a mix of influences that you can feel and hear at every turn on this record. “David Bowie an obvious influence.” Lewis states, “He’s all over this record. Every song on the album is connected to the overall concept of the record.  Some have likened it to a psychedelic trip down the yellow brick road with unexpected turns, twists and the occasional flying monkey. The music was co-produced by Lewis and producer Lance Davis.

On the collaboration, Lewis says, “It was a very creative experience, I felt a freedom on this record that I had yet to experience. We were both fans of each others work and it seemed inevitable that this collaboration would eventually take place. He pulled things out of me that I had wanted to do for a long time.” The feast of sounds and textures is not without making statements about the world and the changes that are occurring around us. Lyrics such as,” blood and dust, everybody wants to be insured... Read More

Genre Rock, Alternative, Grunge
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Wilmington, DE


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